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I knew I wanted to mod my car a little at some point, thanks to Virginias safety inspection that point gets to be now (apparently a fog light is a necessary safety item, idiots).

So my driver's side fog lamp lens is busted. If it were the round type I'd be done already. I seem to be having a problem finding an OEM lamp that has the rectangle with a slant shape lens that fits the whole hole. Ideally I'd just replace the enclosure and throw in some HID bulbs.

Alternatively I'd like something that fills the whole area, but with only a round light in the middle. I've seen this here, on ebay, other etailers, etc. but they all seem to be for the 4 door model. I've wasted way too much time today searching. If anyone has the same car as me (or knows someone that does) and can recommend an aftermarket product you installed and are happy with that would be sweet.

Any suggestions on the two options I'm looking for would be great.

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