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i had to buy a new transmitter since my old one stopped working for some reason. and i dont kno how to set the new one up. i have the Directed Python 700 Alarm. no remote start. im not sure what they mean by valet/program or what that is lol, thats my main problem. directions are as follow...

1. DOOR: open a door
2. KEY: turn the key to the on position
3. CHOOSE: within 5 seconds press and release the valet/program button the number of times corresponding to the desired channel, press the valet/program button once more and hold it. the led will flash the same number of times as the channel selected and the siren (if connected) will chirp to confirm the selected channel. do NOT release the button.
4. TRANSMIT: while holding the valet/program button, press the button from the transmitter you wish to assign to the channel. the unit will chirp to confirm that the transmitter has been taught to the receiver.
5. RELEASE: once the code is learned you can release the valet/program button and remove the key.


channel number function
--------------- -------------------------------
w/ remote start w/out r. start 700
1 7 1 auto-learn standard config
2 8 - auto-learn single-button config
11 9 11 delete all transmitters

all i need is to have it lock and unlock my car. i have no remote start. im hoping this doesnt involve messing with the "brain" of the alarm hiding under the dash. any pointers? thanks!
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