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Rennen International has been manufacturing custom wheel since 2002. The company prides itself on owning two large state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in New York and Los Angeles. The use of modern equipment, premium-quality materials, and cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques allows Rennen to create strong, durable, lightweight and incredibly stylish custom wheels that can lift your car’s exterior to the next level and set it apart from other vehicles of your make and model.

Introducing the line of Rennen forged wheels. They feature many advantages over their traditional cast counterparts. The forging process makes the metal denser. It changes the grain structure of the aluminum. It becomes less porous, which means much less material can be used to make a wheel just as strong if not stronger than its bulkier cast analog. Lighter forged wheels mean reduced unsprung weight resulting in improved handling, acceleration, and braking. Check out our video review to learn more about this line of Rennen products.

RENNEN FORGED® M-5S Wheels - Custom Finish Rims

RENNEN FORGED® M-5 Wheels - Custom Finish Rims

RENNEN FORGED® M-5MESH Wheels - Custom Finish Rims

RENNEN FORGED® M-7 Wheels - Custom Finish Rims

You can find the full catalog of Rennen wheels at
Just click the button to browse it:

Click "Product Options" to check the fitment of the wheels of your choosing.
If you have questions, feel free to call our specialists at 888-903-4350 (toll-free)


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