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So there is this vacuum hose that plugs into the top of the intake manifold, well in removeing it we broke the gray plastic tip off the hose so we got a new hose. The new one comes with this peice but the problem im having is that this is a new manifold and there is a plastic cover peice that is in there right now and I dont know how to remove it either and im afraid that I might brake it like I already done on the old one. How do I got about gettting this cap out of the manifold so I can put the hose back on.

Here is a pic of the hose im talking about, its the one that goes into the top of the manifold, right above the pcv valve.

red arrow points to cap im talking about, the blue arrow is the vacuum hose. That hose in that pic is the one with the broken tip.

Pic of the broken hose. Most of that gray peice was broke off inside the old manifold.

I tried just pulling on the cap and it doesnt seem to come out. It will spin around and move up and down very slightly but not come out. Is there some trick to get this thing off the manifold. Thanks.
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