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NEW YORK – In a city known for cutting-edge innovative fashion, the newly redesigned MAZDA6 is making style headlines this week in its North American debut at the New York International Auto Show. This is the first time for American customers to see a facelifted version of the MAZDA6 Sports Sedan, further highlighting its importance to Mazda’s showroom.

The new MAZDA6 Sports Sedan, which will go on sale starting in late summer this year, clearly adds more of what made MAZDA6 so popular among customers, with sophisticated and sporty enhancements to both the exterior and interior, engines, transmissions and enhanced suspension attributes. Combined in all three body styles —MAZDA6 Sport Sedan, MAZDA6 5-Door and MAZDA6 Sport Wagon — they deliver high levels of refined maturity intended to make one of the segment’s outstanding cars even better

Launched in 2002, MAZDA6’s exterior represents Mazda’s new generation design theme of athleticism combined with refinement, sophistication and a bold road presence. The facelifted MAZDA6 takes these attributes one step further, providing a stronger and sportier appearance for all three models by refining the front and rear of the car.

Added to the car’s distinctive air inlet apertures in the front skirt is a new upper grille design now markedly recessed, giving the lower section a deeper lip for a distinctive, three-dimensional appearance. The lower grill design is modified for a more aggressive, sporty appearance and the former diamond grille mesh has been replaced by an elongated honeycomb. The front bumper also has been redesigned and sees the fog lights (optional or standard, depending on grade) now installed in the lower bumper.

Taking in the side view, the new MAZDA6 retains its sporty design language achieved through the steeply angled windshield and large, flared wheel wells. For even more sophistication, the MAZDA6 has been enhanced with new optional 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels. At the back, the rear bumper, exhaust pipes and new rear light bezels enhance the strong, dynamic look of the car. A horizontal line has been added between the reflectors to emphasize the car’s wide stance, while the wrap-around taillights have black bezels matching the headlights, giving a consistent high-quality look to the vehicle.

Three new exterior colors join the MAZDA6 palette — Dark Cherry for the MAZDA6 Sports Sedan and Sport Wagon, Bright Island Blue for the MAZDA6 5-Door and Tungsten Gray for the entire lineup.

Since its launch nearly three years ago, MAZDA6 distinguished itself through insightful interior design that combines roominess, easy-to-use functionality and craftsmanship. Left unchanged are the basic packaging strengths that have made it one of the segment’s most attractive cars, including roomy interior dimensions in front and back, comfortable seats with strong side support, a cleanly designed and ergonomically adjustable driver environment, Karakuri seat functionality — which allows the rear seats to be folded down flat without having to remove the headrests by simply operating a lever on the side of the trunk — and a large trunk with a volume of 15.2 cubic feet for the MAZDA6 Sports Sedan, 22.1 cubic feet for the MAZDA6 5-Door, and 33.9 cubic feet for the MAZDA6 Sport Wagon.

Within these parameters, the new MAZDA6 enhances overall quality feel with new trim, sporty seats and center panel design. The door trim has been completely redesigned so that customers can tangibly experience Mazda craftsmanship from the moment they open the door. The quality of the colors and materials has been improved and thicker cushion material added to the armrests for a softer, higher quality feel. The doors now have grip-type interior door handles on the front and back passenger seats.

To the driver’s right, the MAZDA6 facelift introduces a new dark titanium colored center panel replacing the metallic look of the previous version. In addition, the new MAZDA6 offers comfortable standard seats with plenty of side support and an onboard audio system to make the trip a truly pleasurable experience.

One of the key aspects to the success of the MAZDA6 has been its spirited, fun-to-drive nature. In developing the new model, Mazda engineers focused on improving the car’s dynamic attributes.

Two refined engines — a 2.3-liter four-cylinder (I-4) producing 160-horsepower and 155 lb-ft of torque, and a 3.0-liter V-6, producing 215-horsepower and a robust 199 lb-ft of torque — are still offered. Both engines are available with a choice of a five-speed manual or Sport AT automatic transmission with manual shift mode. On I-4 models, the Sport AT offers five forward gears, up from the previous model’s four. V-6 models offer a six-speed A/T, making MAZDA6 the only vehicle in the midsize segment available with a six-speed automatic.

The chassis systems of the MAZDA6 have been tuned to ensure that engine performance translates into driving fun. The redesigned MAZDA6 has a double wishbone front suspension, hydraulic power assisted steering and an E-type multi-link rear suspension system, all of which deliver high levels of road holding capability. The suspension has been revised to include front and rear bushings modified to deliver more flexural and torsional rigidity than conventional rubber and tuned to work with the springs and dampers to deliver an optimal balance between predictable handling control and ride comfort.

The MAZDA6 retains its four large disc brakes and an anti-lock brake system (ABS) with electronic brake distribution (EBD). To apply the effect of this outstanding braking system gently and smoothly, Mazda has developed an innovative braking force booster for constant pedal pressure and uses especially strong brake hoses that do not bulge under high pressure or detract from pedal feel.

The MAZDA6’s active safety package begins by delivering predictable, controllable handling in normal conditions coupled with robust four-wheel disc brakes, with ABS and EBD as standard. Body rigidity offers passive safety levels in the MAZDA6 that deliver a strong passenger cell for even more protection in case of impact. These features build on an extremely rigid subframe that absorbs and distributes impact energy away from the passengers. Inside, the occupant cell is a collapsible brake pedal that helps reduce the risk of leg injuries to the driver in case of frontal impact. Front and side airbags for front occupants are standard and curtain airbags that protect both front and rear passengers are available.

MAZDA6 Facelift Enhancements at a Glance


- New front grille design

- New front/rear bumpers

- New side sill garnish design

- New black bezels for front/rear lights

- New 16-, 17- and 18-inch alloys

- Front fog lamps integrated in bumper facia

- Available HID headlights

- New Exterior colors (Dark Cherry and Tungsten Gray for Sports Sedan & Sport Wagon, Bright Island Blue and Tungsten Gray for 5-Door)


- New trim materials, including thicker armrest material

- Door handles front/rear on passenger side

- Dark Titanium colored center panel

- New sporty seat design and new cloth fabric

Comfort and Entertainment

- Voice control navigation system available


- Refined 2.3-liter and 3.0-liter engines

- New five-speed Sport Shift AT automatic transmission for 2.3-liter engines


- Retuned front and rear suspension bushings

So in short... Nav, HID's, 18" wheels, and redone exterior and interior. Some people are not going to like the exterior though.

Still, nice to see a redesign.[/quote]
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