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Red Sedan wallpaper? -- please

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Anybody have a nice red wallpaper of sedan, but not ones from mazdausa's site cause those are like in motion and not that nice. If you dont have red, post any colors but just not the ones in motion or from mazdausa's site.

Thanks 8)
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I was thinking of making a bunch of wallpapers. What would you want in one? The sedan, Mazda logo, ,mazda 3 logo? Keep it simple?
Only big sedan would be great. You can add logo and stuff though.
I'd also be interested in wallpapers.

Even some MZ3 plus scenery would be great :)

That one Gran Turismo 4 shot with the canyon setting in the back and the Mitsu Lancer drifting a corner is HOT! :) hmm... photochop an MZ3 in there? ;) hehehe
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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