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soooo i was cruising taking a few of my friends home last night (er, morning, it was about 2-230 in the morning) and going down beechnut toward stella link a red 3 sedan pulls up to me and starts lookin at me and kinda revvin a lil and jumping a little like he wanted to race... meanwhile i have 4 people in my car (two of which were making out in my backseat :?) so im deffanutely not going to race him. sure enough were cruising and a cop pulls out of the station we passed (my godsend that thanks me i didnt race lol)

i couldnt see who was driving but it was a 5-speed, i could see the car shifting (rather heavy sometimes too :p)

once again, anybody want to own up?? it looked stock and sounded stock, red 3 sedan with a radar inside. couldnt see who was driving...

who was it?!! :lol:
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