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Re: Holy bright back-up light Batman!!!

DJ Spencer said:
Slalom said:
it should be law in NA that all cars have a separate yellow signal lense... I HATE the many big 3 cars with the brake light serving dual purpose as a turn signal as well... just not as safe!
Thank you! Someone else that agrees with me.... Most people I make this rant to don't really see it that way, but I do. And it's annoying - especially since it's usually big ass SUV drivers that are half way in the lane before they even think about using the "red" turn light....
I agree with this too. I hate it when some big fullsized truck is in front of you and his center brake light from his bed cover keeps blinking because he was stupid and hooked it up to one of his brake lights. The only reason that the center brake light is even required in cars sold in the United States was because some idiot decided that brake lights need to double as turn signals. What ever happened to be original without being stupid?
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