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With 99% of the topics discussing the front head lights, I thought I'd mention how much I like the rear light cluster on the Mazda3 HB, specifically the back-up light. I've always wondered why back-up lights are so puny on many cars, effectively only as a signal to others that you are backing up. The back-up light on the Mazda3, however, is nice and bright, lighting up whatever you are backing into. On other cars I've driven, I had to tap the brakes to get some lighting from the brake-lights. Not so with the Mazda3. The back-up light provides good visibility.

Also, I noticed that the pattern given off by the rear lights is really cool.

And since no thread in this topic is complete without mentioning HIDs, anyone know if a HID conversion kit for the back-up light is available?

EDIT: Thread title :twisted:
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