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Re: Holy bright back-up light Batman!!!

LeeLee said:
With 99% of the topics discussing the front head lights, I thought I'd mention how much I like the rear light cluster on the Mazda3 HB, specifically the back-up light. I've always wondered why back-up lights are so puny on many cars, effectively only as a signal to others that you are backing up. The back-up light on the Mazda3, however, is nice and bright, lighting up whatever you are backing into. On other cars I've driven, I had to tap the brakes to get some lighting from the brake-lights. Not so with the Mazda3. The back-up light provides good visibility.

Also, I noticed that the pattern given off by the rear lights is really cool.

And since no thread in this topic is complete without mentioning HIDs, anyone know if a HID conversion kit for the back-up light is available?
agreed! i love the reverse lights... the ones on the P5 were very good too... I also love the fact that the HB has yellow rear turn signals... it should be law in NA that all cars have a separate yellow signal lense... I HATE the many big 3 cars with the brake light serving dual purpose as a turn signal as well... just not as safe.

and regarding the HID reverse lights... I have seen at Canadian Tire (for those in Canada of course), 50W halogen reverse light kits, dunno if they still have em but i've always wanted to see what kind of difference they make!
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