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Re: Messed up Steering Wheel (with pics) --plz help me-- :(

[quote author=bearda link=topic=136143.msg2933976#msg2933976 date=1234525097]
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stero controles dont work anyways since i have a deck in my car n programming that was gunna be a pain in the A**, id prolly just upgrade my belts n get harness's

If your insurance company finds out you've disabled the airbag they WILL drop you. Too much liability.

pretty sure if the insurance company found out about this site and saw all the mods on the cars the would just drop everyone haha as far as it goes around here once your mod your car to add hp they have the choice to not cover you because your car is not build to "crash" with the extra power... silly but thats what i found for around were i am
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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