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Re: Messed up Steering Wheel (with pics) --plz help me-- :(

[quote author=nuffsaid link=topic=136143.msg2938496#msg2938496 date=1234726166]
[quote author=blankets3 link=topic=136143.msg2937801#msg2937801 date=1234675109]
[quote author=TEKWATCH link=topic=136143.msg2937796#msg2937796 date=1234674985]
Keep going until it looks perfect, you are already this far, complete the job, make it look factory again, will get you Mad KUDO points for turnnig this around. :)

lol its gunna look perfect b4 it goes back in my car thats for sure, i must have it done by monday night tho since i need my car tuesday afternoon n i dont think i can steal my moms car much longer :lol:

lol Hopefully your mom is not giving you too hard of a time...give her her car back and just ride w/out airbag til it's done

or keep driving your moms car until yours is safe for the road.
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