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Rally White?

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Anyone own or seen or have pictures of a white Mazda3?
Thinking about letting my sister have mine and buying a white one.
I gave her my keys to go to the store and she came back with 50miles on it haha. She loves the color also. And i love white cars but they didnt have any at the dealer yet.
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Let me make sense of this. So you bought a 3 but you're giving your 3 to your sis so you can get a white one? Can you buy a tit grey one next and adopt me?
the one i got was titanium
i thought i would like it but after owning 5 white cars it just wasnt me.
I saved up since i was 12.
I have no finacial problems whatsoever and i am a 19yr old college student married with no kids yet.
Save your pennies and you can buy a car without worry.'ve saved enough to be able to buy two mz3s, is that right?
I have 2 saving accounts.
One for cars and maintenance, one for life.
I have 13,000 in my life account, and 5,000 left in my car account and she is switching the car over in her name and giving me money and i am gonna buy the other one.
I have worked for every penny i have ever earned.

I need some pics of white 3's
Is it possible to get a loan from you, birdy??....hehe, j/'re certainly at a different level,'re an excellent testimony of hard work and saving pays off....congratulations are in order then for your first and soon-to-be second mz3....
yeah they are getting a white one in tomorrow and i am prolly gonna do it.
this one doesnt have navi though.. oh well
Damn birdy.. I just seen ya less than a week on the other Mazda forums raving about your car.

But white is O So Sexy.
I love the hell out of my car but i must have the whiteness. :D
Ive had 3 cars in my life that were white.. 2 silver (including the 3 now).

I woulda probably got white.. but then I remember how much of a bitch it was to keep clean. Damn Jetta was dirty leaving the car wash blah
damn, white looks really good. i have a tougher decision now.
My second car was white. It's not too bad, thankfully quite easy to keep clean though cause dirt can't hide. ;) It also hides scratches and rock chips a lot better too. I was tempted by white but I didn't think they were available in Canada (probably cause we'd get lost, LOL).
cowtown, you can go for Arctic White.
haha true that.. if you get a white car in Calgary.. you will get rear ended like there's no tomorrow. lol
Yeah there is a reason I go for red. ;D
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