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i think you will end up finding that alot of the performance parts that will come out will be crossover parts between Mazda 3, Mazda 6, and the 2.3L Ford Focus. this could be good depending on how you look at it. the focus is the only car other than the mustang that ford is pushing as a performance oriented ride. the focus groups are a bunch of hp fanatics that are contantly working for everylast little bit of power from the 4 cyl and a .3 liter displacment bump will probably inspire more, even if Mazdaspeed drops the ball i am sure you can expect everything and everyone from AEM to ZEX to be making something for the engine but as i have learned with new edge cougars you can't always rely on others to just pick up the ball and run with it. sometimes it takes that one dedicated person to work very hard to get the industry to do something. the one big advantage is that mazda is getting good media in the import mags and thats were the car needs to be seen before major things start happening in the aftermarket. :wink:
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