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I know this will get moved but just for the Aussies:
Collected my machine Friday. Sunday went for 200k drive up onto tablelands. Long twisty roads up and down the range with better behaved roads on the tablelands. Good 1st workout.

PROS: Very comfortable seating and steering position. Plenty support for driver and passenger around all those corners.

Great clear view from driver's seat. Easy to glance left/back to check for traffic before turning or changing lanes.

Good acceleration. Easy to overtake. Great 3rd gear. Engine noise quiet until you open her up and then a smile inducing growl.

Good looking instruments. Excellent night lighting with day time backlighting for main clock/audio and trip meters. Easy to see when going in and out of shady stretches of road. Safe and easy to use steering wheel audio controls.

Steering is superb. Cornering is clean and precise. Road feedback is spot on.

Clutch pedal is on firm side but not intollerable. Gear changes are like silk. As good as a Honda.

Brakes take up firmly without grabbing. They do not feel soft as some reviews report. Also, no scoring and no squeeling. Very satisfying.

Suspension is taut and steady around corners. Very little if any sway. Could not hear any noise to speak of despite the odd minor pot-hole.

Interior finish and exterior fit is above average. Door closing is solid. The whole effect is as if for a much more expensive car. The sporty and youthful look is much more exciting in reality than the pamphlets.

Easy entry and exit for young and old.

CONS:Some road noise on certain high granite chip content bitchumen. Otherwise quieter than the Civic.

Rear brake dust. A little too much on the rear wheels after only 200k. I use a lot of engine compression and am light on the brakes. Could be just a design fault with dust blowing out onto wheels instead of down onto road. Don't think there is anything fundamentally wrong with brakes.

Brake and clutch pedals too small. Can feel them through the sole of your shoe. Danger of slipping off the side of one if you don't have the pedal right in the middle of your foot. Bigger after market pedal rubbers will fix though.

Interior finish is easy to mark.

Summary: Zoom zoom says it all! Fabulous bang for the buck. A leader in the field. Be happy........ You made the right choice!! :D

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zimmerDn: An electronic signal is produced by the electronic speedometer. This is read by the engine management system (a computer chip) and a road speed signal is produced. This signal is fed into the electronically-controlled hydraulic steering system. This allows varying steering effort depending on road speed and road type. In other words instead of the steering feeling effortless in all conditions (leading you to for instance take a corner to fast), the steering adjusts and gives you the feel of having to put some effort into cornering.
Believe me, the Mazda3 has great steering feedback.
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