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1. First car I've owned. Did drive a neon for a few years, which was my wife's and got really sick of it. Got this one and love it. It's got a lot more go, handles really well, and is much more fun in general. Not to mention the features, like controls on the wheel, seat adjustment, etc, that you might not initially think about. ABS and airbags also help with safety a lot. ABS has saved me in the winter once or twice already. MPG is about what I got in the neon as well. Anywhere between 21-40 or more depending on how you drive, where you're driving, and temps for me. Oh, and the trunk is pretty darn roomy if you need to cart things around.

2. no idea

3. see above and the ultimate gas mileage thread

4. I absolutely love this car after owning it now for 2 months. It's got enough punch and handling to keep me happy, but good enough MPG that we aren't complaining about gas money.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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