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Hey all. Got a couple questions for you 3/Speed3 Hatchback drivers or people that know about them.

1. How is it as a first car?
2. How much will they run used?
3. Gas mileage? Mods for better GM?
4. Anything else I would need to know?

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Hi CoryD, welcome to the forum.

When you say first car, do you mean your first car or as the primary car in your garage.

Used prices will vary quite a bit, especially by market. Where are you? This will allow us to provide a better response.

In the US, we only have the 2.3 in the hatch. Mileage is less than desirable.

What specifically are you looking for? Used I assume, if so, overall they're pretty reliable.

Give us some more detail and we can fine tune the responses for you.
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I am in Columbus, GA (2 hours south of ATL)
15, looking now so I don't have to wait a year when I turn 16 to get a car, which also tells you this is my first car(hopefully)
I want a reliable car with decent mileage that isn't slow but won't get me killed. I want manual transmission. Used. Color shouldn't effect this but white, black, or red.

How much is less than desirable on the mileage?

If you need any other info, ask away.

Thanks for the welcome.
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That is helpful.

I would say this is a great 1st car. They seem to hold up very well in accidents and insurance is reasonable. Gas mileage average is in the low 20's for the 2.3. However, you can get in the low 30's on a good highway drive. For me, the car has plenty of power. You can do a few bolt-ons like intake, exhaust and header to get a tad more out of it.

Used pricing can be around 8k for an 04 with average miles. Mid to low teens for a more recent year.

I'm sure others will chime in with their recommendations/experience.

This forum is also filled with some great info so take plenty of time to look around. Then you'll have plenty of ideas on what you want out of your 3 when the time comes.
Cool sounds good to me.

I don't want a race-quality super fast car or anything just something with some get up and go. And also to show up a friends gay 08 stock civic haha =). To cocky about that ugly thing. But will prices drop drastically by next year this time?

How easy to find are aftermarket parts? Not trying to rice it out. Want to keep it fairly basic but things like exhaust, wheels, that stuff.

Welcome to M3F! :wavey:

I have a 2008.5 automatic transmission 2.3L hatch and I've gotten one tank with an average of 26MPG and that was because it was a lot of idling and city driving. I usually get 29-31MPG average on a tank.

As a first car, it is definitely on the more expensive side of things. It's really hard to get much more than the mid 30s (MPG) with the 2.3L, insurance is quite expensive since it's made in Japan, and the mods you will do will burn up any cash in your wallet faster than you can say "0-60". :lol:

That said, if you're looking for a MZ3 as your first car, I'd suggest getting a 2.0L. I don't know what the engine with 300cc's has different, but it's not that hard to get 40MPG with the 2.0. The only downside is that in the US, the 2.0 only comes in the sedan and we all know that hatchbacks are better. :p

The 2.0 Mazda3i Touring is a pretty nice deal when comparing it to a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic of the same year, and MZ3's in general are a lot less common (at least around here anyway) so it's easy to find your car among the sea of tan 4-door sedans. :lol:

Going back to gas mileage, honestly, your right foot dictates about 70% of your gas mileage. I learned most of the hills and turns around here to where I can coast when I need to and give it gas when I need to, and still get around 30MPG (city/hwy combined) with my 2.3L auto. I have a ScanGaugeII which I mounted in the ashtray to help keep track of fuel mileage and other stuff, and it also works as a OBDII code reader for any CELs that may come up.

Anything else you need to know? If you get a MZ3, you will become an addict to these forums. But don't worry, we have a M3F Anonymous in the Lounge, which I haven't joined yet since I've only been logged in for 12 days, 22 hours and 49 minutes. :lol: You will also, as I've mentioned before, watch your car vacuum all the extra money out of your wallet.

Seriously, if I didn't come across these forums, I probably wouldn't have gotten a MZ3, I wouldn't have any mods on it, I wouldn't know how to properly detail a car, and I would be a lot less knowledgeable on cars in general. There is a how-to on these forums for damn near everything from how to delete the parking lights to how to dismantle your dashboard and change the instrument panel LEDs.

EDIT: just read your new post. The 2.0 and the 2.3 are pretty peppy cars. I was also worried that getting a 4-banger car meant balls-to-the-wall to get on the freeway, but I barely give it any gas at all to get up to freeway speeds. For comparison, I drove a friend's 2007 Honda Civic, and on a long uphill onramp, I was flooring it and we were only going 35MPH by the time we got on the freeway. :shock:

I'd say that aftermarket support for the MZ3 is pretty strong. Intake, exhaust, chassis braces, interior mods, suspension, rims, turbos, etc etc are all very easy to come by.
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This car is just starting to sound better and better. Thanks for all the replies.

If I have more questions I will let y'all know.
When was the earliest MazdaSpeed3 Hatchback model?
The Mazdaspeed3 was introduced in model year 2007.
So in February of 2010 how much will a used MazdaSpeed3 run me?
Unfortunately, that's next to impossible to answer. We don't know what the market will do or warrant in a year from now. They're currently selling used in the high teens.

The rumor is Mazda will do another Mazdaspeed3 in 2010 or 2011. That may create a good used Mazdaspeed3 market next year as many will want to trade up to the new model. But really difficult to tell.
That makes sense. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Thanks for all the answers
1. First car I've owned. Did drive a neon for a few years, which was my wife's and got really sick of it. Got this one and love it. It's got a lot more go, handles really well, and is much more fun in general. Not to mention the features, like controls on the wheel, seat adjustment, etc, that you might not initially think about. ABS and airbags also help with safety a lot. ABS has saved me in the winter once or twice already. MPG is about what I got in the neon as well. Anywhere between 21-40 or more depending on how you drive, where you're driving, and temps for me. Oh, and the trunk is pretty darn roomy if you need to cart things around.

2. no idea

3. see above and the ultimate gas mileage thread

4. I absolutely love this car after owning it now for 2 months. It's got enough punch and handling to keep me happy, but good enough MPG that we aren't complaining about gas money.
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I am definitley set on getting a used 07 Speed3 Manual Hatchback. If I can find one, next year that isn't outrageously priced. If I can't find a Speed then I will more than likely go with a normal 3 Manual Hatchback.

I appreciate to helpful answers.

If anyone is looking to sell their Speed3 or 3 HB by next year this time plus or minus a couple months then shoot me a PM.

I should have my permit already but I had forgotten to turn in my attendance form for the school until today. And knowing them I won't get it back til next week. No fun.

Where could I find a hoody and/or shirt with a Mazda emblem/logo on it or maybe even a Speed3 emblem? I checked the merch site listed here and came up with nothing except a ZoomZoom hoody.
Not to be a debbie downer, but do you really need a 260HP turbo'd hatchback for your first car? You want your first car to be cheap, reliable and safe, not something to show off to your friends. Test drive the normal 2.3L and floor it, I doubt you'll be disappointed by the stock performance.

I'd venture to say the money could be better spent elsewhere, like saving for college tuition.

If you're insistent on having a new (read: last 5 years) car, I'd get a 2.3L mazda 3 hatch or sedan, 2007 or 2008. You'd be surprised how fast they can go, and the 2.3L is a lot easier to drive on the highway with the 5-speed gearbox. For the price of a 2007 speed3 you could easily get a newer 2.3L hatch or sedan. Save the fast cars for when you're done college and have a steady job.
I understand your point Antimatter but I plan on keeping this car for a good while. So it wont be a car that I just speed around town in and wreck it. Thats not at all why I want it. There are other features other than speed that I am interested with the MS3.

I know this will sound show-offish but its not supposed to. My grandparents set up a college fund for me from the day I was born so that is taken care of.

I will more than likely go test drive a 2.3L 3 Hatch and the Speed3 and see what is better for me.

Thanks for the input.
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