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Questions about oil change parts and fluids.

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Guys I need some help here and I thought most of the MazdaSpeed3 drivers use this are of the forum. I posted in maintanance but I need your input.

I am goign to be changing my oil this weekend and I thought I would ask some questions before I did it. I don't like takign the car to the dealer if it is somehting I can do myself.

I saw some of the other posts on here about the normal Mazda3 2.3L but I am not sure if the same goes for the MazdaSpeed 3 as well.

Here are my questions:

- What type of oil does Mazda use? What do they put in the car from the factory?
- What type of oil filter do they use? (Brand)
- What size oil filter will work (After market)?
- What is the part number for the crush washer?

Last but not least I havce heard some mixed opinions about using synthetic oil on the turbo version due to blowby of oil into the intercooler? Anybody have anyhting to add on that? I think I will just use what the dealership would use but I need to know what that is.
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I have been getting the original mazda filters at the dealer. I think they're like $6. I could be wrong, but I don't think Fram and STP even make an oil filter for our cars.
Huh, your right they do list them now. I checked about 3 months ago and couldn't find a listing. Maybe they recently started to make them for our cars. You can use any filter brand without voiding the warranty. You don't have to use Mazda. Thanks for info.
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