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Questions about oil change parts and fluids.

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Guys I need some help here and I thought most of the MazdaSpeed3 drivers use this are of the forum. I posted in maintanance but I need your input.

I am goign to be changing my oil this weekend and I thought I would ask some questions before I did it. I don't like takign the car to the dealer if it is somehting I can do myself.

I saw some of the other posts on here about the normal Mazda3 2.3L but I am not sure if the same goes for the MazdaSpeed 3 as well.

Here are my questions:

- What type of oil does Mazda use? What do they put in the car from the factory?
- What type of oil filter do they use? (Brand)
- What size oil filter will work (After market)?
- What is the part number for the crush washer?

Last but not least I havce heard some mixed opinions about using synthetic oil on the turbo version due to blowby of oil into the intercooler? Anybody have anyhting to add on that? I think I will just use what the dealership would use but I need to know what that is.
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[quote author=rotus8 link=topic=73844.msg1316644#msg1316644 date=1175882838]
If you have a Speed, you must use 5w30. The NA engines use 5w20.

yes, I just picked up my speed3. build date feb 07, manual covers both NA and turbo and says 5w20 for NA, 5w30 for turbo.
they should really update the website, or decide which is correct. it takes 2 seconds to update a web file.
I heard dealers in canada were saying 5w30 in summer, 5w20 in winter. 5w30 is becoming a new standard in cars because of strict mpg pressure from government agencies. actually, cars like the honda fit are now stripping out safety features, to reduce weight so that they can be eligible for federal rebates for good mpg rating.
5w30 will protect better, but give slightly less mpg. take your pic.

PS you would think the web version is the more uptodate....but logic here points to 5w30.
[quote author=jasno999 link=topic=73844.msg1395532#msg1395532 date=1178670360]
The discussion between synthetic and regular oils is out of control. Basically one is man made and does nto break down as easy so you can typically get longer use out of it. But as for the people that say using synthetic is bad cause it causes leaks or does bad thigns - those people are crazy. Why in the world would a synthetic leak and a regular oil not leak???? They are both the same in terms of viscosity.....

Really in most cases I don't htink it matters. If you follow proper procedure either oil will do the job. However if oyu want to go longer between changes or if you plan to have the engine for 100K+ miles or if oyu plan to overhaul the engine at some point I would go with the synthetic and change it at the proper times cause it should give oyu better protection with less build up...

1/2 these guys at dealers are idiots. the other 1/2 seem to know what they are doing. I went to dealer 1. first guy says 5w20, second 5w30 (looking at me like I am an idiot when he replies) master tech says 5w30....I had 4 guys running around the lot at one point and came to a definitive answer of 5w30.
went to dealer number 2. went through the same process. he said use what is in the manual...I said it doesn't matter what is in my manual if your techs computer says otherwise. came out still being up in the air about the oil weight. is nowhere on the car. all the guys at the dealer said to check the oil is not stamped on the cap.
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