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Im looking to Buy or Lease a New Mazda 3 in May or June.. 2015 or 2016... Leaning towards a lease so I can get into a new Mazda every 3 or 4 years with lower monthly payments.. so i'm doing my research now to make sure I make the right choice... as my 2005 Mazda 3 is starting to show its age and I have owned it since new for 10 years..
So I have a Question about overage on KM... now say i'm over on KM and say I have to pay $500-1000 for Overage on KM can that be rolled into my Next lease price or purchase of a car? or do I have to pay that rate away?

I also herd I can buy my KM upfront then if I don't use them they will be reimbursed to me at the End of the Lease..

Q3 is it worth getting the extra wear and tear package??
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