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Here's the deal: I've got a 2005 Mz3 5-door. Currently its got a cheap set of 215/45/R17's on from Discount Tire. They've been on for ~20k. In the last 2000 miles or so, I started hearing harmonic noise from the rear. Recently I went ahead and rotated the tires (had been about 7000 miles and I wanted to see if it was the tire or the wheel bearings) and noticed that on the inside 1/2 of the tire, the tread "blocks" were wearing choppy. They're lower at the "front" than the "rear." About 8000 miles ago the dealer service tech had noticed they were beginning to do this when I had the car in for a vibration that turned out to be a busted motor mount.

The weird thing is that both rear tires have done the same thing. It seems like there are a few different suspects:
1) Tire out-of-balance, but they've been balanced recently and what are the odds of both rears being out of balance.
2) Alignment - certainly a possibility
3) Bent rims - again, what are the odds of both rears doing that and the fronts not.
4) Suspension component issues - maybe?
5) Cheap crappy tires that just do that when run with camber - doubtful but I guess it could be
6) Somehow caused by the non-OEM size/profile of the tire - other people have done this and don't have problems.

Anyone have any other ideas or thoughts? Car has the alignment from the factory and currently has 54k miles on it. Thanks.
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