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I have had two long service vehicles with manual transmission and have never worn out a clutch. The most recent was a Nissan pick up purchased brand new 1993. I traded it in 2001 with 150,00 mi. At a full stop I would put the truck in 1st gear and hold the clutch all the way in and wait for the light to change. Of course I had to have my other foot on the brake to keep from rolling. Or I could partialy engage the clutch while moderating the gas peddle just enough to keep me in place neither moving forward or rolling back. THIS IS BAD!! It is very abusive to the clutch. The only time I did this is on a very steep incline. A case when the time it took to get from the brake to the gase would cause me to roll backward a great distance possibly causing me to bump the vehicle behind me. Very rare circumsance. My proceedure for turning is to depress the clutch, downshift and apply the brakes for a controlled turn. Release the clutch and accelerate out of the turn.
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