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question about leasing

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I'm now considering leasing a GT w/ GFX & leather either three of four years. Now, I know its possible to get out of the lease by finding someone to take over monthly payments. However, is it possible to sell the car privately one or two months before the lease is up? What I mean is, have the purchaser buy the car for more than the buy back, get back at least the down payment or more, and cut the dealer a cheque for the buy back value?
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I'm not sure how it is in Canada, but you need to read your lease agreement carefully. Here in the USA, leasing deals can vary greatly. Some leasing companies will let you "buy out" the lease at anytime and treat the lease as sort of a balloon payment finance. Other companies have penalties if you try to terminate the lease early, including making all the payment plus the residual value of the car plus termination fees. This last option can be very expensive and almost impossible to get out of. It all just depends on how the agreement is written. I've leased 3 cars in the past and decided with my Mz3 to buy instead. Plus, at the termination of the lease, you are pretty much left with nothing if you turn the car in. If you buy it out, all of the sudden you're paying for the same car for 6 or more years if you have to finance the buy-out. Just think it over, read that contract, and make and informed decision about your needs. Good luck with it!
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