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malebastard said:
i've seen and sat in the leather and it was pretty stiff in my opinion.. not the plush leather you think of in like a bmw or on a nice sofa.. it's really just 'leather surfaced' vinyl seating.. in fact i'm not even sure if the whole seat is leather 'surfaced' or just certain sections... based on the way it's laid out i would assume just sections.. secondly it's perforated which from other people's accounts (the tsx has perforated leather, and i've spent a lot of time on that messageboard) it's very hard to clean if any kind of liquid spills on it. and thirdly no heated seats! you can tint out yr windows and park in the shade to try and avoid the leather burning yr ass on a hot sunny day but that shit is COLD in the winter.. no buttwarmers = hemeroidal discomfort.. and that's my rant about the leather in the 3, BUT i suggest you go and try and find one on a lot and sit it in and see for yourself..
Leather isn't an option here in Australia, so if we want it done, the dealer gets it done aftermarket for us, so we get to pick the type and quality of leather.

Also we don't get near your temperatures here in the winter. It's just our summer's that we worry about here.
dammit, i keep replying to threads in other countries not realizing where i'm posting... sorry guys
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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