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going to korea sunday and trying to sell, make an offer and we can go from there

I bought this online but never used it because i traded my SFIV for PS3 for the 360 version. I'm willing to accept trades (it has not been opened at all and is red in color)actual picture above, pm me, price is shipped in US, description below pic:

Hori's latest entry in the PS3 column, users can set individual buttons to 3 different turbo modes: 5, 12, or 20 times per second. It also features long stroke trigger style L2 and L3 buttons for easier access and subtle control. Powered by 2 "AA" batteries (not included), gamers can expect up to 400 hours of continuous action. The controller connects via a USB bluetooth wireless adapter, which allows up to 10 meters of wireless freedom. The auto sleep function will turn the controller off after 3 minutes of inactivity. No more sore fingers from button mashing!

* 2.4 Ghz bluetooth wireless signal
* Up to 10 meters of wireless freedom
* 400 hours of continuous play on one set of "AA" alkaline batteries
* 3 Turbo speed settings: 5 times/sec, 12 times/sec, 20 times/sec
* 3 analog sensitivity settings: Normal mode, Narrow mode, Wide mode
* Individual turbo settings for all buttons including the directional pad (except select and PS)
* PS button has the same functionality as the original controller (will not turn PS3 on)
* Long stroke trigger style L2/R2 buttons for subtle and fine control
* Battery saving function option for auto sleep when idle for 3 minutes
Price: $40.00
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