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Problems with the audio console controls!

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I just noticed this the other day after my "check engine light" came on. I'm not sure if its related, but I having it checked out tomorrow. However, I want to know if anyone else is having this problem after a month of ownership.

When I go to change the stations on my stereo to any of my preset stations, only channel 3 and 6 are adjustable. I cannot get to stations 1,2,4,5 unless I use the controls on the steering wheel. I cannot control it from the center deck. Now, if I switched to my CD changer...I can channel through all the 6's only when its in FM/Stereo will it not let me change other than stations 3 and 6.

Any thoughts? Obviously its an electrical wiring problem...but what could have caused it? Could it be just a blown out fuse or does the dealer have to dismantle the audio deck to correct the problem, or can they just hook it up to their computer diagnostic system and reprogram it from there?

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Wow, this sounds extremely serious. It doesn't sound like a fuse blew out, because more of your audio components wouldn't be working. Well maybe perphaps a fuse on the deck was blown. But I don't know, I think it's probably a wiring problem.
Mazda Brand awareness campaign. Presets 3 and 6 work, but not others. LOL. :lol:
SP33D said:
Mazda Brand awareness campaign. Presets 3 and 6 work, but not others. LOL. :lol:
LMAO...I never thought of it that way :wink: .

Side note: I'm still sad though :( .
Check Engine light came on after a month? wow.. that's scary..
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