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Problem: Mazda3 Sport GT - Rear washer jet doesn't work!

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Anybody tried using their rear windshield washer jet yet? I finally figured out how it works (reading the manual) and it doesn't work! Don't know if it's too darn cold out or if it's broken already. I'll probably be parking in an indoor lot tomorrow for the day, so I'll try then, but anybody know how to debug this? The front ones work fine and I can hear the "wrrr" sound from the motor trying to pump the liquid all the way to the back, but no liquid ever comes out.
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Mine works fine and it's -30 here. You probably have frozen jets in the rear - good luck with it (you might try a little methal hydrate in your washerfluid if you have icing problems)
probably just the nozzle frozen if you can hear the motor.
Frozen, clogged or just plain caked on dirt.

Mine works good... sprays everywhere tho lol.
I saw on your other post that you seemed to have washed your car. If you haven't used your rear washer and with a temp of -25 then it's simply frozen.
Yeah I had one of my front nozzles freeze up for like 2 freaking months last year on my Pro5, what a PITA. Try the methol hydrate or your indoor parking may help matters. Make sure you have the blue washer fluid in there though I'd be suprised in any cold climate that a dealer would put the summer stuff in there.
I just hosed down the car a couple of days ago... and that was indoors, so I don't think that caused it. It's just simply that the system was never ever used I guess and it's clogged with ice or something because it's so damn cold. I'll park indoors and it should solve the problem tomorrow. I didn't even know there was a nozzle until looking at the car today. Oh well... :roll:
Update: Problem fixed

Well... I went driving today and parked the car in the sun for a few hours. Even though it was cold, I think it melted the clog and everything's working fine now. Yay! :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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