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PRM Racing intake on the market for the Mazda3

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Just purchased this intake for my 06 Mazda3 GT

basically its a combo of a short ram intake and cold air intake into one...

dont have an install pics of it yet, cause I am getting the pipe powerder coated a custom color....

best part i see about this intake, is that seeing that filter is enclosed in a case and in a position where no water can get in, so eliminates any worry of CEL or hydro lock....

here are some dyno sheets from a toronto based mazda form, in which lead me to this intake:

and a pic of it installed on a Mazda3, its from the PRM Site...

thought i would point this out to everyone who is the market for an intake or tired having those CEL's on rainy days but wish to have the performance of a CAI

thanks for reading and when my intake comes back, i can show a pic of my purchase and install on my car...
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looks like the intake scooped up a bottle of blueberry schnapps or something lol
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