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Mazda 3 2016 I believe Japan model
Friday car was used fine all day then parked.
Saturday morning prior to being used I noticed a tired had gone flat. Thankfully, living next to a tire shop literally, I drive it in. Was fixed and while driving out was really difficult to steer and park.
Only after leaving the shop did I really notice the light was on. I would like to say it was on prior driving it in the shop but not 100% sure. It was difficult driving in the tire shop BUT assumed it was the flat tire.
Wasn't used the rest of Saturday, Sunday or Monday

IVE BEEN DOING INSANE RESEARCH, and cant find much information on who to turn it off.
Ive read that there is no Power Steering reservoir (too add fluid) and the car has Electronic Power Steering.
Ive seen video of older-ish models with same EPS but upon inspection of my vehicle I cant find the damn thing.
I did a obd scan Ive received C0051,U3003,C1031,U0401,U0420(Before get all these codes it was just the EPS malfunction light and the tire pressure light. THEN cause I took out the batter (I THINK) the BSM light and the DSC light came on)
Ive read that it can be the battery, thought about buying a new one but instead I tried charging the current one, and then using another battery with same CCA (which would have been a mistake)
ALSO amongst all that I tried leaving it, turning it on and off over periods of time, and disconnecting and cleaning and retightening the terminals and posts.
Ive read to look for a 80amp...or 60amp fuse WHICH it doesn't have!

Tuesday(today) I drove it to a family member house(with the difficulty turning) to attempt to find something to try to fix it.
Right now its sitting on jack, with tires and dust shield off looking for this EPS (which idk what it really looks like).

Ive read it can be my alternator
I didn't buy the new battery,
I could find the EPS to disconnect/reconnect (which read worked)
Couldn't find the fuse that corresponds to EPS

So far ive just wasted time which im fine with but I rather not take it to a shop an spend money that I could have done (with in reason.)

Ive though maybe if I get tires like a new set(they all used) to maybe reset and balance the sensors.

I JUST WANT SOME KIND OF ANSWERS cause not many can be found especially on a 2016 I dont know why.
Ill be more than happy to answer any questions. But I think I gave substantial info.

OH the week before the car driver mirror was Side swiped I replaced it and it was fine in that time gap.(idk if this matters)

10MAR21-Tested the battery and found out it had a low CCA so bought new battery but problem persist.

11MAR21- I checked every fuse that I was able to get my hands on to check if it had any had blown couldnt find any.

12MAR21-so on the 11th I took it to a few mechanic shops as well as called a few. Many couldn't tell me any more information than what I already knew as well as a few of them said they didn't work on EPS. One specifically told me to either think about them working on it because it was going to be a lot of money or to take it to the dealership. I took it to the dealership at 7am (PST) in the morning today they called me at about 11 Told me that they are going to need to keep my car till at least tomorrow because my car situation was very unique and would need to call a engineer specialist to check it out.
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