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Thanks for reading..

I am trying to help a friend out. She has a 2004 Mazda 3.

She tells me on a very cold day last week, she accelerated to pass someone, and the car stayed in passing gear. The RPM's were high and it would not shift.

She brought the car to a local mechanic who hooked up to pull the codes. He said there was a code "something to do with the modulator", but the car was now running fine. My friend went to pick up the car, but could not drive it because the power steering was not working.

I have read that the electronic power steering unit in this car links up to the car ECU. One article I saw said that the car ECU needs to be reprogrammed when replacing the steering pump! Is that true?

Based on that, I could conclude that something the mechanic did with his "code reader" screwed up the power steering. The CEL is off...

She brought the car to a local dealer who claims she needs a new power steering unit, $1300+

It seems a strange coincidence that the pump would die at the same time this mechanic was reading codes!

Can anyone offer any advice?

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