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Power of the next MazdaSpeed 3

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What kind of power numbers will the MS version of the 3 will have?
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Good ones...... dude, it is way too early to speculate about that
Just wanted to get a head start on this question. 8)
There's actually a MazdaSpeed section for this site - perhaps it'll be good not to have duplicate discussions of the same topic???
I say if they use 2.3L Turbo'd engine, then it can be all the way up to 270 HP. I doubt that'll happen because that engine is used in M6 already. The MS 3 will probably have around 180-190 HP.
Rumors (from SCC magazine) are that they may make the turbocharged engine with four wheel drive.

I only wish they decide to bring it to the North American market.
Probaly the same AWD inline four banger with a turbo that the new (SVT) Ford Focus will have.
Isn't the focus supposed to have absolutly NO link with North American mazda'S ?

Frank said:
Isn't the focus supposed to have absolutly NO link with North American mazda'S ?

I really hope so.
But as far as I know, Mazda IS in charge of Ford's smal engine development. which means that it could be true.
The 2.3 turbo from the Mazda6 MPS is an egnine from Mazda and won't be seen in any other Ford-group-car. So... I hope and think that that will also be the case with the Mazda3

But......... it could get the engine from the new Focus RS
The 3 has no relation to the CURRENT focus. It does to the next generation Focus (60%).
A Mazdaspeed 3 will probably put out 210 or 220 with a turbocharger, I'm being conservative here because I think a really hi-powered car they would keep with the RX8.

The MazdaSpeed Protege made 170 didn't it? I'd be looking forward to Mazdaspeed parts for the Mazda 3 if a Mazdaspeed version was available.
AWD would make my day.

By early 2005, performance junkies can expect a turbocharged Mazdaspeed 3 sports compact that should pump out at least 200 horsepower (or up to 240, if Mazda decides to offer an all-wheel-drive version). The hotted-up 3 should be followed by Mazdaspeed's take on the mid-size 6.
Mazdaspeed 6? that means V6 Turbo?! :twisted:
MZ6 will share the 2.3 Turbo which come out end or early next yr as MPS6
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