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Pontiac Vibe Drivers impression of the Mazda 3

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I work at a Nuclear Physics laboatory and interact with many people from around the world. There are several German folks throughout the lab. One coworker of mine is a German and an automobile fanatic. If he isn't buying a car, he is helping someone else buy a car or lending advice in such endevors. Several weeks ago, his wife hit a deer and he was in need of a new ride. He purchased a Pontiac Vibe as soon as he got the insurance check. He had a chance to drive my wife's 3 today and was thouroghly impressed. some of his quotes are paraphrased as follows:

Too much horespower, but that's like having too much cash.
Smooth ride.
Shifts much better than my Vibe.
I like it.
Great excelleration.

Now you may ask why he bought a Vibe in the first place if he knows so much about cars. One, he needed a vehicle in a hurry. Two, he has a GM Visa card and had a lot of cash towards a GM product. Three, he has a disturbing need to be involved in a car buying situation.

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As the owner of a MatrixXRS, next week I'll post about my experience driving around in my GF's brother's new M3 (for both the test drive and after).

BTW, which Vibe is it Bono? I figure it's not the GT since an auto GT is very rare.

From just the styling, I like the M3. Very nice interior with good rear view (something my Matrix lacks). I like the dash but noticed the radio/head unit looks like it's all once piece...can you guys get an aftermarket head unit in there without wrecking the "look" of the center dash?

The hatch isn't as big as the Matrix with less clearance (especially directly over the rear seats when they're bent forward.

Other wise a very decent car for the price!
Well, staying away from exageration the Matrix is 1.55 meters tall while the GT sport is 1.465 meters tall. 10 cm is a finger taller (and with tein coil overs it's a 2.2" drop making almost even with the M3).

It's strange because the M3 is BIGGER than the Matrix (length, wheelbase and width) but the matrix with the 6 speed is 31 Kg heavier than the M3 (manual 6 and manual 5).

The Mazda3 looks smaller than my 'trix but I figure if we placed them side by side the Matrix would look bigger because of it's height and stubbier front.
Well, 9 cm difference between the M3 and the Matrix is nothing compared to a real mini-van which is at least 18 cm taller than even the matrix (the Montana).

So the Matrix isn't a mini-van any more than the M3 is a Honda Civic... :D
Cowtown, I'm not trying to get into any flaming arguement here but like I said, the M3 is WIDER than the Matrix (and longer and has a longer wheelbase).

Your bias is clouding your judgement on size. The smallest mini-van is nothing close to the Matrix.

There is no argument here. The M3 is a fine car but it's bigger than the Matrix in all but height. And 3.54 inches between the Matrix/M3 is half the difference from any mini-van on the market compared to the Matrix.

Plus the Matrix and the M3 pull the same numbers according to C&D (7.5 and 7.4 seconds respectively) so it's height isn't really bothering it's numbers (though I supose those numbers would be better with a lower profile).
Heh, I remember seeing a picture (I assume real) of a Mini stored in the back of a pick up with the rear door closed.

That's wild!
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