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Pontiac Vibe Drivers impression of the Mazda 3

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I work at a Nuclear Physics laboatory and interact with many people from around the world. There are several German folks throughout the lab. One coworker of mine is a German and an automobile fanatic. If he isn't buying a car, he is helping someone else buy a car or lending advice in such endevors. Several weeks ago, his wife hit a deer and he was in need of a new ride. He purchased a Pontiac Vibe as soon as he got the insurance check. He had a chance to drive my wife's 3 today and was thouroghly impressed. some of his quotes are paraphrased as follows:

Too much horespower, but that's like having too much cash.
Smooth ride.
Shifts much better than my Vibe.
I like it.
Great excelleration.

Now you may ask why he bought a Vibe in the first place if he knows so much about cars. One, he needed a vehicle in a hurry. Two, he has a GM Visa card and had a lot of cash towards a GM product. Three, he has a disturbing need to be involved in a car buying situation.

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That all being said, the Vibe/Matrix isn't a bad ride either.

In defense of the vibe/matrix, that design is excellent for frontal impact resistance. More arch is better. Toyota is into the wedge shape.
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