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bought my car new for 21k eventhough the msrp at that time is 22895, and that is 2 years ago.. im a pain in the ass when im on the dealership
some of the things i demand
1. good trade for my 96 volvo 850 ( they give me 3000usd)
2. 20 voucher for free oil change (including labor)
3. low apr( i used mazda own financing , i got 2.4% apr for 3 years)
4. student discount

also 2009 ms3 new would be $22k in austin texas 78741 as of feb 21st , and they have a couple in stock...this i know coz i just had oil change at the dealership 2 days ago

ps: if you r on budget , just get a sport, mine i got 35k miles and stilll running strong
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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