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Recently ordered Pioneer HD Radio™ Package @ Crutchfield for 209.99$

then i decided to do a little research online and looked on eBay for comparable prices, and not to break the budget of around 300$ for an aftermarket radio

Just wondering if anyone has ordered these PIONEER AVH-P4000DVD on eBay

now the price is 305$ shipped via UPS Ground, with dash kit + Harness / antenna adapter..

isnt this a little too good to be true compared to crutchfield having the same product for 479.99$

also note this seller has 65,000+ feedback @ 99.5% positive

my question is i just wanted a good radio for around 300$ to match up with these i have recently ordered @ Crutchfield

Polk Audio db5251 5-1/4" Component System - for front
Polk Audio db 571 5"x7"/6"x8" 2-way Speakers - for rear
Alpine MRP-F300 50W x 4 Multi Channel Power Amp

i have not installed any of these yet, and will be installing them this sunday, so basically i have 1 week to decide if i'm going to return the Pioneer HD Radio™ Package @ 209.99
and spend 95$ more for a DVD Reciever,

so basically im just wondering if its justifiable to be ordering this off ebay, and if this is any good at all

any comments, opinions, or recommendations other than this radio @ comparable prices will be greatly appreciated!

*update - also i just found this on eBay for 5$ difference, whats the major difference with P3100 + P4000 other than the LCD Screen size? Which one would you guys pick if it came down to these 2 units, unless you guys can find a better one on ebay being around the same price?! =X

Pioneer AVH-P3100


the AVH-P4000 is 499.99
the AVH-P3100 is 449.99

but on ebay P4000 its 305.00 shipped w/ kits and P3100 is 299.99 shipped w/ kits

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bleh so many tough choices i narrowed down my search to

PIONEER AVH-P3100DVD 300$ w/ free shipping


PIONEER AVH-P4100DVD 430$ w/ free shipping

the only difference i can find is the 1.1 inch screen bigger/motorized screen that flips down on the 4100 and the built in amp, not that i'd be using it anyways,

price difference of 130$ on ebay =_=
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