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Photoshoot: Me and eurotuner

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I went down to Alex's (eurotuner) neck of the woods to go pick up his TWM SS he was getting rid of because he is thinking of selling his car. Anyway there was a pretty good spot just accross the street so we decided to have at it. Here are the results:

The gallery of ten better ones of the 50 or so shots I took, clicky pics to make bigger. Enjoy!

If I get time I'll put up more...
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You know how I know you guys are gay? :p J/k, nice pics. :D
Maybe I should reword my fist post? :lol: Hopefully you can be added to the next set come the 15th.
Nice shots! Great comparison between the two colors. In pic 3, the angle of the cars makes them look like they are the same color. You can see that GG has a warmer "glow" to it, while Titanium has more of a cold metallic sheen.

Why not post 1 or 2 of these pics in the "I Grok Galaxy Gray" thread to illustrate the difference? And while you're at it, post some of the pics of just your car! :D
alright so i am back

had to go to and hotel we didnt had water all day and night yesterday.

so i got a couple good ones.
i will crop them onto 1024 and upload them
should be here by 11.

eheheh ilike the video!
here, they not taken with my SLR so they suck, and the sun was just where we DIDNT need it:

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lol the pictures make the two cars seem romantic with each other.

but nice you guys :D
video 1:
staring ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :klavergreg:

video 2 will be up soon!
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Nice shots but you guys have intresting positioning in those shots.....

Case and point

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lol yeah we tryed to be original.

kind of looks weird but was fun doing!
My picture of the same angle came out a little better I focused on the wheel rather then the car. I'll post it up when I get home from work.

And what is wrong with being original?
Sorry boys i just had to do this. This picture needed to look like you two were either going seperate ways, or racing. Either way... it was screaming for motion!


Zoom Zoom!

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[quote author=NightRiderMZ3 link=topic=71293.msg1254777#msg1254777 date=1173303154]

Zoom Zoom!


so nice thanks a lot man!

hey do u think u can make me a sig, if i gave you my third last pix, and make it in motion too?


pm i ll sent it to u in higher reso!
Absolutely my friend. Send away! I'll have it for you in ten minutes. Would you want me to host the picture or do you have somewhere you can host it that will not go away and display your hosting's banner?
PM me ur email address i ll sent it to you.
u can just put the banner anywhere i ll copy paste it and save it on my website!
they are in your private message box.

oops back on topic.. excellent pics by the way! very creative with the camera!

You take 'em I edit them!!

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dude thanks a lot for new sig i luv it!
i mean both!!!!
Wow Killer!!! I need to make a picture sig and ditch all the words.
[quote author=eurotuner link=topic=71293.msg1255445#msg1255445 date=1173322119]
dude thanks a lot for new sig i luv it!
i mean both!!!!

lol glad you liked it. It has helped me into liking hatches a lot more.. those pics look seriously like they were takin from mazda's brochure. Maybe i should work for them.....

ha i wish.
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