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Brake rotors can wear unevenly or become slightly warped over time, compromising your braking performance. Upgraded components ensure both quicker acceleration and quicker stopping time.

When looking for new high-quality replacement brake pads, it is better to choose a product that will surely serve all your needs. Being the most expendable vehicle part, brake pads should be the most hardy of the hardy to live a longer life. The redstuff ceramic brake pads by EBC will offer OEM quality fit and operation with the superior stopping power, longer life, reduced brake fade.

See all the necessary details about these low dust pads here:

* Ceramic pad compounds wear slower and last longer than OEM equipment;
* Eliminate squealing under the extreme cold or hot temperatures;
* 6 month/10,000 mile manufacturer warranty against premature pad wear under normal driving conditions;

Vehicle brakes are vital to your safety when driving. All the performance brake kits, rotors, and pads feature precise fit for a trouble-free installation and the highest quality possible for years and miles of reliable service.
Check this 1-click vented brake kit manufactured by PowerStop here.

High-quality brakes go hand in hand with driving safety. Brembo and Wilwood are gods in brake industry. They offer all kinds of high performance calipers, brake pads and discs.
You can read more information about Brembo at CARiD.

The following video will give you some information about the Brembo brakes:

A lot of high sport cars like Ford Mustang or Porsche are factory equipped with Brembo brake systems. They also offer custom aftermarket kit for your Mazda.
Check prices and see other details about GT Series Brembo brakes here.

* Designed specifically for your vehicle and driving conditions;
* Calipers available in your choice of color;
* Pad retaining system minimizes brake noise and facilitates pad changes;
* Comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and comprehensive instructions;

If you are not up to upgrade the performance of your Mazda, just take a look at caliper covers designed by MGP. They definitely will help you to upgrade the appearance of your OEM calipers.
Follow the link to see more custom caliper covers for your Mazda on our web-site:

Which option is the best for you: performance brakes or caliper covers?

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I will say this:
How hard can it be to seriously make caliper covers.... look good?

I've seen them on several cars at shows (on corvettes mind you, of course older men driving them).
But what's the point?
They're fake at a glance. If someone could make some fair looking ones that you know... fool .. anyone, for a second or even longer, then I can see them as being "cool" for a lot of people that don't care.

That is... of course unless you put those things on little brakes and the caliper doesn't fit the rotor size at all and it just looks like a silly donk rolling around with 28" wheels and 10" diameter brakes / drums.

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Can't disagree, caliper covers are made to "look like" sport brakes.
Its a common tendency in automotive culture that ideas and parts that are used in auto sport influence the market of accessories. People who are not really into parts and staff often want to get some stylish accent to their cars just for show as they don't really need performance upgrades on their daily driver.

Well we have a wide choice for everybody from "just for show" Calipers Covers and up to super aggressive track edition Brembo brake kits.
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