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Pepboys scratched my rim ...

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Pic of the scratch :?

Today I went to pep boys to unmount my old tire so I can put new ones on.
I knew they were bad on services, but then I didnt think they can mess up on such an easy job!
the manager had already left when I found the scratch, so I will have to go back tomorrow to talk to him.
gonna c if i can get them to repaint my rim, and not just refund me.

Lesson of the day, NEVER go to PEPBOYS! They have absolutely no clue on what they are doing, now i am totally pissed :x :shock:
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Re: Pepboys, unbelievable

If you want it to match, get all 4 painted to match. It's also in your favour, you can get them powder coated (extremely tough finish) and choose any colour you want. Gunmetal, black, stock silver, etc.
Im gunna have to say; good luck. Almost every wheel/tire shop i've ever seen will have a sign posted that says "not responsible for damages to aftermarket wheels" Its a bad habit thats hung on since the day of custom mags; they were very easy to damage and expensive for a shop to replace when a customer caught them.
that... really isn't that bad. looks like a tiny scuff, they'll probably laugh at you.
Yea, samr thing happened to me last year. The assistance service manager dropped my rim face down under my truck then dragged it out!!! The whole face of the rim was fucked!
The stupid Service Manager was trying get out of doing anything so I talked to the store manager and threatened to go to the district manager + leagal action... I got a brand new rim! :lol:

Dont go to Pep Boys!!! :klavergreg:
That is why I encourage people to go to a dedicated tire and wheel shop. The places that do other services are not specialized and are often not as careful. In my line of work, I have replaced wheels, had wheels refinished or repaired that our shop has damaged. Sure it is an inherent risk, but with the right training and equipment, a lot of it can be avoided.
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