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[quote author=Atomic 3 link=topic=136557.msg2943500#msg2943500 date=1234914791]
[quote author=Phantom3 link=topic=136557.msg2943485#msg2943485 date=1234914552]
no he is just stating we have someone also located in florida offering the same service

I am aware, were a high end custom paint shop thinking about breaking in on this forum as a supporting vendor. The other member said dont bother because there is already a supporting vendor who offers the service. I know for sure there are two vendors on this forum that offer the same services...

1ST - I never said another vendor, I said someone.

2nd - I had no idea you were a Vendor.

By all means then It's cool with me, besides I do not decide anyways, I am just another Member, have no control over these things.

I think it is great to have Sponsors and vendors on the forums.

The other person doing this, does so on his own free time to help out other members who do not wish to do this process.

If you can offer the same service at a reasonable price, I'm sure many would be interested.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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