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painted OEM wheels?

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I've got a 2007 Mazda 3 GT hatch (galaxy gray with limo tint in the rear, 35% in front) and I hate the snowflake rims. I got a really good deal on the older 5-spoke rims and wanted some opinions.

Paint/powdercoat the rims (I'm thinking gunmetal) or keep 'em as is?
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if ur gonna do something definitely powdercoat them (holds up way better). on ur color car the gunmetal color looks really good on the stock wheels

it should be anywhere between 200 and 300 dollars to get it done
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Mine are photoshopped, but they also give you an idea or what they'de look like in a .. possibly slightly darker gunmetal. Definately go with a metallic gunmetal though. Looks better in the light.
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let me know how much the powder coating is if you get some quotes. I'm thinking of getting the stock 17s and powder coating them bronze.
I got a quote of $75 a wheel. That's $300. might as well bite the bullet and keep savin so I can post in the JDM FTW thread. lol
For less than $300 you can buy a premium DIY powder coating kit, and use an electric oven to powdercoat rims... hehe, I wonder if they'd fit in an oven...

I wonder how many things I'd powder coat if I had the equipment. I'd probably powder coat my calipers as the first thing. Then maybe my sway bars, and Eibach Camber Links... lol

Oh, and probably a bunch of other household things, like my lamp, and some tools... heh
ooooh, diy eh? I think my calipers need some doing.... :D
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