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I simply love this car so I thought I would state my impressions of the good and bad. I apologize for the length up front.

Good, and there is plenty of good:

Very spunky engine with the 2.3L 160+ HP. I have had no issues
passing at high speeds and appreciate the quick bet up and go from
stop. Very impressive and fun to drive, especially with my 5 speed.

As all the reviews state, this car seems very refined for it's class
and price range. Obviously the style of the five door is unique. I
love it but I would venture to guess that it's a classic 'love it or
hate it' type of style. The interior is impressive for this class of
car. I like the look and feel.

Front drivers seat is awesome. Very comfortable feel and completely
adjustable front, back, up, down, and lumbar. Love it. Leather adds
to the great feel.

Of course the audio controls on the steering wheel come in very
handy and I am surprised to see them in a car of this class.

The car handles like a dream. Steering is great and there is a feel
of control as the car hugs curves at high speed. Shifting is easy
with the 5 speed and it seems that first will allow low rates of
speed without clutching. So high volume, slow traffic will not be an
issue on the clutch. The brakes seem very touchy but we all know how
that is with a different vehicle. I did notice that the ABS kicks in
way easier than my second vehicle which is a minivan. I guess I would
prefer that, especially in the area that I live.

I love the size of the glove box. I don't think I've ever seen one go
so deep.

I live in Wisconsin so a good heating system can be important for 4
months a year. Heating is very sufficient and I appreciate the
ability to turn the round vents in front towards the side windows
while still receiving a blast of air from the rectangular vents
towards the middle. Rear wiper on the 5 door has already come in very

Headlight system with fog lights doubles the visibility of my second
vehicle. Awesome. I am glad that I didn't get the Xenon package
because the standard lighting is plenty good. I skipped the Xenon
because I know how annoying those lights are to me as an oncomming
driver. I wasn't going to be one of those guys :) Plus, I wasn't
crazy about the low air pressure monitor. I thought there was a
potential for problems with that.

OK, now the bad. And believe me, there isn't much for bad. Some are
simple annoyances.

I'm not ga-ga over the sound system. I would have preferred an option
for premium sound. It's sufficient and by no means bad, but for you
audiophiles, you'll want more.

Road noise seems pretty excessive. I knew this when I test drove but
it was something I knew I could live with. I think it actually adds
to the sporty feel of the car but that's just me. I would guess that
magazines and reviews will find this as the most major flaw. I wasn't
buying a luxury car so it didn't matter.

Back seat room is cramped. Again, I knew this going in but with a 6
year old I using the car most of the time, putting up the passenger
front seat is not a problem.

Front windshield wiper has one setting for intermittant. This can be
annoying in a light mist or rain. IT's either too much or not enough.
Most vehicles have a dial or numerous settings to controll the delay.
I know the canadian version of this car has an auto sensor for front
windshield. I don't want that, just more choices.

Car comes with the most annoying driver seatbelt warning ever. It
will not stop chiming in every 2 moniutes until the driver puts on
the seatbelt. Granted, wearing the seatbelt should be done at all
times but let's face it, there are times when you don't want it on.
One warning would be enough but to continuosly warn you is just
wrong :) I will be getting this shut off through the Mazda dealer so
I'll be able to relax :)

Headlight bright switch pushes out, towards the dash to operate.
Pulling in just flashes brights. This has been hard for me to get use
to. It just seems backwards. No big deal, just weird.

Car comes WITH an ashtray and they make you buy an accessory (storage
compartment) if you DON'T want it. This is my biggest complaint, not
bad huh?

Sorry for the length but these are my thoughts after 6 whole days.

EDIT: The usual :twisted:

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Looks fantastic, packpackpack ... I actually hadn't noticed the satin silver surround on the fog lamps before. It looks great on black. Is that unique to the 5-door, or am I just not noticing it on other cars? I don't think I've seen it yet.

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I haven't seen it on all colors but I'm assuming that darker colors get the silver surround to accent. I know the Lava Orange get's a black surround since it accents much better.
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