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I don't understand what's going on. I replaced the upstream 2x already. Took old one in saying the had a manufacturer defect got 2 new ones. Got a new maf. I cleaned battery post, grounds redid my wiring. Clean air filter, fixed exhaust leaks. New spark plugs gapped to .52... I don't understand what's going on.

My car says it is federal emissions but the car is rigged for California. And I only have 2 sensors not three. 2006 Mazda 3 2.3 manual.. has anyone has this issue before?
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@Grendel65 I have tested the O2 sensors. The connectors. I bought first ones and took in for the limited warranty that comes with the parts store. So the second set was replaced for free. And I'm not offended I'm actually happy you are telling me how it is. And I been thinking it might be more than I can handle like you said might be pcm or catalytic converter. When I bought the car they put a different connector on harness to the first O2 sensor I don't know if it should a 4 prong or 5 prong. They spliced a 4 prong on it. But we results say for federal emissions Mazda should be five pin. But the wiring from harness is the same color as it comes up on the California 4 pin connection. And how could I test the monitors with torque pro? Any suggestions. I plan on taking it in to get checked by a pro. Just trying to avoid that if I can but the looking like it's outta my experience and skill set.
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So the upstream is Bosch, and down stream is denso. Here are my test results
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@madmatt2024 I did check. So it's only the upstream that was spliced into the harness the downstream is original. I do have a 5 pin that I cut at a junk yard but my wire color to the upstream is red/white green/blue black/blue brown/red. And I don't have black/orange for the 5th pin.
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Also this is a 2007 diagram that I been going off of.
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@madmatt2024 there is a o/b one yes just as in the diagram but it is not going to the emissions harnesse. Idk if having a Manual is different from a a/t harness.. like grendel says take it to a experts and get their diagnosis on it because. I'm honestly at loss.
I talked to the shop and told them what's going on so they are gonna be checking wiring all the way to pcm. Etc.they say it's gonna take them 1.5hrs totally diagnosis it. I don't get it in till the 30th. I'll update what they say then.
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