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OSRAM Silverstars

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Whats the main difference between the NA silverstar and the OSRAM Silverstars? Is it much brighter and whiter and last as long?

I Live in BC, Canada where can i get the Europe type OSRAM Silverstars?
If i can't get it here , do u guys have any recommanded online shop?

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The difference between the European version and NA one is that the bulb in NA is slightly tinted blue. Gives a more white look but decreases performance. The European ones are clear so they cover more distance.

If you need them I suggest you go there. Free and fast shipping too. In comes from the UK but arrived faster than some bulbs I ordered from the US....go figure.
I ordered mine from Euro Importers, LLC out of California. Though they are apparantly now backordered and my order is still processing. Here's the site though.
i got sylvania silverstars for my 6. disappointment so i went to and got the osram silverstars. they are way better than the sylvania silverstars. they are brighter and shine farther.
Moved to Exterior Lighting.
Can u 3 or 6 owners post pictures of your installs please.
I just installed the silverstars, i love them
my osram silverstars r on their way from UK
(i ordered them on eBay)

gonna pick up my philips blue visions tonight for my high beams
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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