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Oregon Spottings

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So i saw the Washinton Spottings thread and figured Oregon should get one also.
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Saw a Metro gray Speed3 the other day while I was at the Moto Pizza on 82nd they were coming out of the skate park across the street from me.
saw a blue speed3 parked out front of starbucks at cascade station over by the airport while I was at lunch, I parked in front of you and went into quizino's.
Saw a black speed 3 turning onto killingsworth from sandy blvd lastnight on my way home from work...I was in the silver speed3 waiting to turn onto I-205 onramp. I flashed my lights on and off as you went by and I saw you wave.....I guess the ford lightning next to me thought I wanted to race onto 205 he took off like a bat outa,only to be pulled over by state trooper before he got over the 205 bridge....good thing I was just spacing a bit after getting off of work or the trooper might have had 2 of us pulled over.
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I thought I just saw spectre's car (Silver MS3 with stock wheels), with a lady driving, going N then S a few minutes later on 112th near SR 500. I was in 2010 black speed3

Wasn't me, I have since had my stock wheels powdercoated dark gray and I have not let any women drive my car yet....:) I still have yet to see a new speed3.
saw a white speed3 heading across the glen jackson bridge on I-205 south when I was on my way to work today. I waived at you as I passed by since I was late for work...:)
1 - 5 of 162 Posts
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