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Opinion on in-dash monitor choices

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OK, in the left corner, we have option 1:

- option (stansel's system) with custom in dash manual operation
- 7" black Xenarc touchscreen with vga input (and others)
- $625 shipped

and in the right corner we have option 2:

- Xenon Store's in-dash Mazda3 stock navigation wanna-be with automatic operation
- 7" screen included, with two light up buttons similar to the stock nav system (open and tilt)
- $775 shipped

Both options are great, and I like the fact that the option 1 is different then option 2 in which is close to seeing in most Grand Touring's and modders. But just having automatic operation and everything being so flush might be worth the extra 150 dollars. Anyones thoughts and input would be great.
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Opt.1 - I think the monitor looks much better quality, and i like the overall 'look' of it the way it is in the picture. Would love to see it with the monitor closed (tried finding it on the website, but couldn't track the item down). On the other hand, I don't see a big use in having it be touch-screen, but that's because I'd probably only use it for watching movies (during long, open road trips), and touch-screen wouldn't be utilized much by me.

Opt.2 - My main gripe is that the screen looks like cellophane, too reflective, and just not quality-based (but that's just from the picture and the videos of it I saw under it's install page, never seen one up close for myself). Another gripe is that blue screen it comes up with at the beginning. It just reminds me of the 'blue screen of death' on PCs. It'd be nice if it said what it said a little more subtlely. Just because it says it annoyingly doesn't mean that any more people will drive safely. On its side, I think the automatic open/close and tilt functions are great, and well thought out. And I've seen it closed down, and it looks nice that way as well.

My final decision - If opt. 2 could come with a different screen, or rather, no screen (for more personal choices in options), I'd say it'd be worth it. But as it stands, it would come down to a choice between quality of monitor (opt. 1) and quality of the install total look and fuction (opt. 2).
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Thanks man, appreciate it. Now i'm even more confused of what to do lol. I could try option 2, and then if it's not something i like i could easily sell it for option 1.
is option #1 really that expensive? I thought the housing itself was like $250 (?)
Yeah + shipping though. And the screen is i believe 300 or 400 hundred cause it's touchscreen. Would be nice if it were cheaper.
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