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I have been pushing to try to make this forum a little more easy to work with and functional, and bring back some of the old tags we used to be able to work with.

Currently *installed BB codes are:
table + header + row + data

*standard BB code from bold, italic, hyperlinks, image, etc. are built in.

This thread is meant to exist as a tutorial, and also as a suggestions thread for any additionals you may want to see / use elsewhere that are helpful.

HTML code is not permitted within vB posts, all must be BB code.

Quick Reply on threads have the basic tools everyone needs. Bold, Italic, Underline, Hyperlink (not really required, unless you want to say something and not show the actual hyperlink), and image.

Most people seem to not understand how to place images into their posts. use IMG between brackets /IMG at the end with the link in the middle.

To make things more simple, I will use code in parenthesis, but know it should be in brackets [ ] or they will NOT work.

Default BB codes

Bold: B
Italic: I
Underline: U
Center: center
Right justify: right
Left justify: left
Hyperlink: URL
Image: IMG
Quote: quote

*NOTE: the code can be capital letters or not, it does not matter.

Additional BB codes are bullets, bullet numbers, indents, and email links. I will not get into those as they are uncommon.

Installed BB codes:

List: li
Strikethrough: s
Table: table
table header: th
table row: tr
table data: td
Spoiler: spoiler
Youtube: youtube

Most BB code work as expected. For example on the image code, you stuff the link between the code.



In practice:

Tables are a bit more complicated, and will get to them later.

Youtube is newly introduced, and instead of pasting the whole link as you would with the image tag, you must only put in the video code at the very end.

For example, this is the video link:

Use code AFTER =


in practice:

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Thanks for the efforts.
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