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okay so whats the real deal with warranty issues?

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its looking like some good stuff will be rolling in the next couple months as far as upgrades go. i did some searching on here and didn't really see a straight answer (unless i missed it). do you really need to take all the bolt-ons off before going to the dealer for work? and what could small stuff like intake and pullies do to your warranty?
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if you are to install a part on your car and the part that you installed causes something in your engine to get messed up then warrenty will NOT cover any charges. But if you have installed say an exhaust and your power steering fails for some reasone then you are still covered under warrenty. So the only thing that loses warrenty is the part that you replaced unless it is the direct cause of the malfunction. Hope this clear everything up for you.
Yeah the law is that they have to prove the aftermarket item caused the problem.

If you get a CAI or even a K&N Drop In filter and your MAFS gets screwed they won't cover it, in fact most likely if you go in with any kind of hard to diagnose engine problem and you have a CAI or K&N they will say it's a fouled MAFS and not cover it.

But they can't say your CAI screwed up your wheel bearings or your passenger seat.

BTW any kind of forced inductiion (Turbo, Supercharger or Nitrous) will pretty much toast your entire powertrain warranty, from the engine to the tranny to the CV joints to the front wheel bearings.
where would you go for engine work then? lol...
basically if you are looking to keep your warrenty you will not be able to do any hardcore mods (supercharger, turbo, building your head, etc.). The only real thing that you can do is just do some basic bolt-ons. I have noticed that a lot of people are saying they will just have the dealer install the part, but i dont think that any dealer will do this. Cause if they did and it did cause a problem they would have to cover it. Mazda dealers will only install Mazda parts or Mazda approved parts.
okay cool thanks guys.

and pardon my retardedness...but what does MAFS stand for?
Mass Air Flow Sensor, it;s a device that measures the amount of air going into the engine and the ECU determines how much fuel to send based on what it says (among other things)

If you get oil on your MAFS it won't read right and will cause a lot of problems, this usually comes from over-oiling a filter.
raitchison been meaning to ask, is that aem intake carb legal? lol.
It will be, it takes a few months for the certification to be approved.
The MAF works on the principal of the amount of resistance in a curcuit when a given amount of voltage is supplied to it.
It heats a wire in the body of the MAF and the incoming air attempts to "cool" the wire.

If oil or and residue from a aftermarket filter lands on the wire it will creat hot spots and cause the wire to burn.

BTW.. California air research board approval checks to see if the part causes more emmissions.

It does not give you a guarantee that the part will not effect the warranty.
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