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Obviously, no company wants to do what I am about to do. I do this without hesitation recognizing a situation that needs to be nipped in the bud. I have spoken at length with the people over at Carpe Diem Industries, and we are issuing a recall on the MAXFLO pump internals. Protege Garage is committed to the customers who have made our business a success over the last seven years, and this will be no exception. Carpe Diem is committed to the flagship product they have put months of effort, design and research into, and will be absorbing whatever cost and effort to make this situation rectified and correct for everyone.

Effective immediately, I am sending back all excess stock of internals for immediate inspection and if need be, disposal and refabrication. We will not be taking orders on the MAXFLO internals until we can isolate the reason we have gone from prototype kits with great results to faulty kits that have failed all of our best expectations. I cannot express the whirlwind of regret and disappointment with which I write this post. We have sold a product which has let the customer down, and this will be fixed regardless of what needs to be done or how it needs to be done.

Any uninstalled or defective kits we will be having returned to Carpe Diem under the general recall. Obviously, this is not the entry into the market the people running that company want to make, so they are fully vested in solving the problem. Any kits which are installed and functioning normally do not need to be removed and sent back at this time. Carpe Diem will be working and communicating with me and the community throughout the duration of this process to fix the situation.

I want to thank Randy (Palerider) for his assistance to everyone on the forums while I was away from my home this weekend, and for his communicating with me on the urgency of this matter. I am not ignorant to the magnitude of this recall. I am aware of the damage this has the potential to do for Carpe Diem and of course for me as the reseller. Knowing that, it is the ethical and moral thing for me to make good on the trust placed in me to issue this recall and make sure that no one who spent money with us has a product that fails to do what we or the manufacturer states it will. Carpe Diem is behind the product, and I have no qualms about doing the right thing regardless of the consequences involved for me personally or professionally.

I have set up a separate account to accept requests for warranty return and replacment. This email address is [email protected] . Please contact me immediately regarding your fuel pump issue if you have one and I will be handling emails there round the clock until every last individual is taken care of.

Thank you
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