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Hello Mazdaspeed guys :)
I won't waste your time. I need your help once more

On 01/10/2009 my wife and I bought a 2004 Hyundai Accent / 27k miles for $8,000.
Dealer gave us a copy of the CARFAX report and it was clean. One owner, offered for sale [ by dealer ] on 12/15/2008.

Plates were picked up from the dealer today but we still hadn't got the title so I had the wife call our local DMV. Title was mailed 1/27/09. As of today, no MARYLAND title has been delivered by USPS.

I get home and there's a SCARY letter on the mail from our DMV:

"Dear Sir or Madam: We have reason to believe the vehicle described below has been reported as stolen".


Title and VIN# were provided for in the letter. The car registration my wife picked up today shows the same title#. A title was issued but the DMV is holding it. The Baltimore County police department phone number was on the letter and said to contact them. So I did...

The vehicle was reported stolen by the dealer on 12/19/2008. As of today my wife HAS BEEN DRIVING A STOLEN VEHICLE.
It still shows STOLEN on the police computer and the police cannot clear the "flag", the dealer must contact county police.
According to the guy at the precinct it's not the first time this dealer has done it (he knew the manager by name) and it was probably caused during the dealer's monthly audit, papers got shuffled around and the wrong VIN was entered on the wrong form.

I was still curious so I asked this guy if this means that my wife could get pull over and the guy said YES, SHE WILL "AND YOU DON'T WANT TO GET PULLED OVER AT GUNPOINT". SCARY. The guy at the precinct said to go down to dealer ASAP and talk to them, they have to call county police and straighten this out and [[ BEST PART ]] "the dealer owes you something".

SO here I've been thinking... what is FAIR compensation for this terrible screw up?

The more I think about the facts the angrier I am:

** CARFAX "BUY-BACK-GUARANTEE" does not cover THEFT **
** Vehicle may be branded as stolen on CARFAX report and may lose a lot of value, if not EVERY PENNY **
** My wife could have gotten pulled over at gunpoint at any time since 01/10 and more so now the car has plates **
** Uhmm... I bought a stolen vehicle. THAT IS MESSED UP **
** This is a huge mistake and the dealer should pay HUGE **
** This will ruin my Saturday, already ruined my Friday and is far from over **
** It is a huge inconvenience for my wife because we're afraid to even pull out of the driveway **
** My wife has no wheels... **
** We need to carshop again and you know how STRESSING and time consuming that can be **

What do you guys think I should tell the dealer? What should I get in return?
I'm going tomorrow morning.
Thanks for the help guys!

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But seriously, I have no idea. That is freaking messed up. If that's not the first time this has happened with the dealer, something is fishy. You don't just mess up paperwork and then have it happen AGAIN. I think your best bet is to seek legal advice, and go from there. DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR. Haha, sorry, I'm sure you know that already by now.

Best of luck.

edit: I don't think it's such a good idea to go down to the dealer yourself, that may just be me, though. I would do this through the system, and avoid talking to the police until you actually have legal counsel.

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Doble post :)

lol I know... just I always thought boys with speed hang out here more. We special :)
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