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Fellow Forum Members:

I'm disappointed to report that my Mazda2's rotors are now very badly warped. The warping started at under 10K. Now the car has 20K miles on it, and it has gotten pretty bad over time. I'm wondering if other forum members have experienced this as well. Rather than replacing the rotors and pads with OEM equipment and having this issue repeat itself, I've done some research and ordered aftermarket replacement parts. I'll report back to the forum after I install this stuff and get some miles under my belt. This is what I've ordered and waiting to receive:

EBC-GD1679 - EBC 3GD Series Dimpled and slotted sport rotors $173.60
EBC-UD1454 - EBC Ulltimax OEM Replacement Brake pads $ 38.95

A few comments/notes:

* EBC make all of their own rotors and brake pads. This is not a company that takes a pair of $20 Chinese made rotors, dimples and slots them, and resells them for $$$.

* The Mazda 2 uses 10.2" rotors, which must be unique, because this EBC part number doesn't cross to any other vehicle other than 2010-2012 Mazda 2.

* Slotted rotors are directional. There's a left and right side rotor. The direction of slot and the side that it ends up on is done is such a way that the slots suck in air from the hub and expels it towards the outside edge of the rotor. Otherwise, the slot would end up sucking in water, dirt, etc. from the outer edge and out the center. It's interesting to think about this, and once you understand it, it makes total sense. I ended up putting mocked up circles of paper on the ends of a pencil to help me visualize and understand how the slots work as an air pump and also help figure out the direction of the air flow.

* Finally, the slots are 2mm wide and 1mm deep. The 1mm depth is very nice as this becomes a built in wear indicator. As soon as the rotor's slots are worn away, the rotors are at the min. thickness, indicating that they need to be replaced.

Enough Rambling and I promise to write back after the EBC's have been on my car for a while.
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